We are big fans of morning rituals. Simple things that get you up and running for the day ahead. And good coffee, properly brewed, is definitely one of those things.

It’s one thing when at home and siting at the breakfast table with your favourite mug, but when travelling or on the run a good guide into the local speciality coffee scene will come in handy. Here’s a list of our favourite speciality coffee shops in Riga, a lively city right in the middle of the Baltics.


Rocket Bean Roastery

Rocket Bean Roastery – 29 Miera Street

As the name suggests here you will find roastery, coffee shop & restaurant all in one place. Enjoy your favourite coffee drink, any of the craft brews or top quality espresso on a pimped out LaMarzocco Strada, the one-of-a-kind machine in Riga so far. Coffee beans are sourced from the world's best coffee farms & roasted just behind the window next to you. Plus, the food here is amazing. The menu was designed by a chef with a Michelin star experience under his belt.

Stars Coffee Riga

Stars Coffee — 41 Aleksandra Čaka Street

A small micro coffee roastery hidden in a basement of the busy Aleksandra Caka street. Once inside though, all the noise quickly disappears and you will be greeted by a warm and welcoming folk to enjoy a slice of freshly baked banana bread and a delicious cup of joe.

Rocket Bean Coffee House

Rocket Bean Coffee House — 39 Dzirnavu Street

A more central branch of Rocekt Bean Roastery located in the very heart of the so called ‘Quiet Centre’ neighborhood. The cafe opens at 8.00 am to serve you with locally roasted coffee and warm, freshly baked croissants. Sandwiches, cakes, cookies & even a lunch menu will welcome you throughout the day, but their americanos and batch brew that’s made with the only Hipster Batch Brewer in the region is what makes us return again & again.

Zvaigzne Cafe Riga

Zvaigzne Cafe — 6 Kr. Valdemara Street

A bookshop turned specialty coffee shop. Properly brewed coffee hand-picked from a variety of small-scale farmers & roasters. Grab a book from the shop next door, sit back & enjoy your favourite coffee.

Gemoss Andrito Coffee

Andrito & Gemoss kafe — 73 Mukusalas Street

A bit of hidden gem even for most of the locals. This small coffee bar is located within a specialized shop for bars and restaurants. The coffee you will find here is roasted by another local roastery «Andrito», housed in the building just across the street. There’s not much in a sense of atmosphere, but when you're looking for that afternoon take-away hit & find yourself on the other side of river Daugava, this is the place to go.

Kalve Espresso room — 38 Stabu Street

Kalve Coffee have opened their first signature coffee shop in Riga. Their unobtrusive, compact yet spacious espresso room is a nice addition to Riga coffee scene. Given their love and dedication for good coffee, you will be sure find seasonal coffee drinks as well as time tested classics

Riga Original® Specialty Coffee Beans

If you have a heart for good coffee & the city of Riga, we think you will enjoy Riga Original® Specialty Coffee. Inspired by local craftsmen & artists, every cup vibrantly reflects the spirit of our city.

Riga Original® specialty coffee in collaboration with Kalve Coffee roasters is a selection of single-origin Colombian beans, freshly roasted by Riga’s best local craftsmen.


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February 27, 2019 — Miesai SIA
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