Riga Original® Specialty Coffee Beans


We teamed up with the local roastery "Kalve Coffee" to create Riga Original® Specialty Coffee Beans to celebrate the place we call home. 

Riga Original® specialty coffee is a selection of single-origin Colombian beans, freshly roasted by Riga’s best local craftsmen.

This specialty coffee delivers a consistently high-quality coffee experience, and every cup vibrantly will reflect the spirit of our city. The omni-roast process ensures optimal extraction for any type of brew - be it press, filter, espresso, or even cold brew.
• Origin: Colombia
• Region: Narino 
• Variety: Caturra, Castillo, Colombia
• Farmer: Buesaco Community
• Quality: Supremo 17/18
• Taste: Caramel, honey, almond and citrus finish
• Process: Washed
• Roasted: By "Kalve Coffee" in Riga
• Roast: Omni-roast 
• Weight: 250g

• Worldwide delivery. 
• FREE shipping in Europe on orders over €50
• FREE pickup at our Miesai store on Gertrudes 121, Riga.