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Best Craft Beer Spots in Riga

Visitors often remark on the quality of Latvian beer and how little it’s known outside the country’s borders. Here’s our list of what we think are the best craft beer spots in Riga, which do a fine job at promoting local brews.
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Best Vegan Spots in Riga

Permission to politely ignore those who continue to claim that Riga isn't vegan-friendly. You just have to know where to go and we’re right here to help you find the best vegan spots in Riga recommended by locals. 
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Best Speciality Coffee Shops in Riga

We are big fans of morning rituals. Simple things that get you up and running for the day ahead. And good coffee, properly brewed, is definitely one of those things. Here’s a list of our favourite speciality coffee shops in Riga.
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ABC's alphabet book

Toddlers, Letters, Pears  This is "Mazā zemes ĀBECE" (The Edible ABC book). The Latvian language letter book is made of tasty and colorful things that can be grown locally in Latvia. Plenty of fruits, berries, vegetables, spices and green plants that the little ones will taste for themselves growing up in Latvia. The fruitful Latvian nature Though Latvians live far in the north our fertile soil proves to be very fruitful and rich in nutrition for a wide range of diverse plants.  Pears, blueberries, asparagus and cloudberries. Ground cherry, gooseberries, quinoa, and even walnuts. And the best thing - when the harvest comes, you can take them straight from the earth and eat. Taste of the earth "Maza zemes ĀBECE" is a...
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Behind the Words

Freedom Bought With A High Price Latvia’s independence was a process developing over many years, but the culmination of it was during the World War I. In 1915, the Latvians organized the first Latvian Riflemen battalion to fend off the invasion of the German army.  In total, about 60 000 troops were drafted and fought to retain Latvia’s borders and key areas.   2nd Regiment of Riga Latvian Riflemen, Photo — The Latvian War Museum   True Perseverance In Our Blood The Latvian Riflemen gained their reputation by their ability to keep the front line stable between 1915 until the fall of 1917.  In October of 1916 a special distinction of the Latvian endurance was formed by the 2nd Riga...
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