This is "Mazā zemes ĀBECE" (The Edible ABC book).

The Latvian language letter book is made of tasty and colorful things that can be grown locally in Latvia.

Plenty of fruits, berries, vegetables, spices and green plants that the little ones will taste for themselves growing up in Latvia.

Though Latvians live far in the north our fertile soil proves to be very fruitful and rich in nutrition for a wide range of diverse plants.
Pears, blueberries, asparagus and cloudberries. Ground cherry, gooseberries, quinoa, and even walnuts.

And the best thing - when the harvest comes, you can take them straight from the earth and eat.

"Maza zemes ĀBECE" is a story about the Latvian soil from a new perspective. It captures the sense of city dwellers coming back to the love of the private garden. 

The book is an experience that connects children to their parents while they learn about the possibilities of Latvian nature.



During the development of "mazā zemes ĀBECE" we defined three things that will guide the choice of letter stories. First, all  things have to be edible. Then, they have to be grown locally in Latvia. Finally, they have to be diverse and non-traditional.
We ourselves found love for our Latvian soil by growing unique things — watermelons, asparagus, physalis and walnuts. 

This letter book is our devotion to inspire this love in our little ones, their parents, aunts and uncles. 

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Read the full story about the development of this book. From an idea, design, illustrations and sketches. To the book printing, publishing and sales. In between other things.



Mikelis Bastiks

Miķelis Baštiks is the Asketic design studio co-founder. The creator of the book's idea and illustrations. Father to two sons. A city dweller who rediscovered the love of garden and frutiful soil.

Many thanks for the fine photos from Martai Loginai & Daigai Ellaby 

drawing pages

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Letter book – Mazā Zemes ĀBECE – €11.90

Dimensions: 145 x 175 mm
Printed with organically sourced colors
Page count: 34



December 29, 2017 — Miesai SIA