Graphic Print — "Recite the Alphabet"

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“Recite the Alphabet” is a signed graphic print made by an illustrator Reinis Petersons. In this playful "hide-and-seek" alphabet the illustrator has hidden various mind-stimulating objects related to each one of the letters.

This graphic is part of Miesai project called "Cirulis" displaying historic handwriting in contemporary take. "Cirulis" typeface design is based on the lettering drawn by Ansis Cirulis (1883-1942), one of the first true Eastern European designers/artists from Latvia.

• Technique: silk-screen printing by hand
• Paper: Curious Skin 135g/m2
• Dimensions: 42 x 59 cm (17 x 23 inches)
• Unframed

Worldwide delivery.

*Framed prints are ONLY available for free pickup at Miesai store.