Graphic print — The Story of Israel (blue)



Graphic print — The Story of Israel (blue) - 40x60cm / Unframed Print is backordered and will ship as soon as it is back in stock.

Graphic print featuring a pattern resembling the shapes of a menorah candlestick.

The design pays homage to the work of the Shamir brothers and takes inspiration from the cover of the book "The Story of Israel in Stamps". The book, published in 1972, was designed by Gabriel Shamir (1909–1992) and Maxim Shamir (1910–1990) - two Latvian-Israeli graphic designers. The brothers, born in Liepāja, Latvia, later moved to Tel Aviv and created Israel's official state emblems, medals, stamps, and currency notes.

This work is part of a collection of Graphic Prints to introduce the world to the remarkable local Baltic graphic artists. 

Fine art Giclée print with acid-free archival paper, ensuring exceptional durability and preventing degradation over time.

Standard wooden frame, with polished acrylic glass panel
Robust wooden backing.

Available in different sizes:

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