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Riga Original® Specialty Coffee Beans


We've created Riga Original® Specialty Coffee to celebrate the place we call home. Inspired by local craftsmen & artists, every cup vibrantly reflects the spirit of our city.

Riga Original® specialty coffee is a selection of single-origin Colombian beans, freshly roasted by Riga’s best local craftsmen.

With a score of 83.5 in the "Specialty Coffee Association" coffee quality rating system, the "Riga Original®" specialty coffee delivers a consistently high quality coffee experience. 

To best retain this uncompromising score of origin, the team at "Kalve Coffee" apply the omni-roast process, which ensures optimal extraction for any type of brew - be it press, filter, espresso, or even cold brew.


• Origin: Colombia
• Region: Caldas
• Variety: Caturra, Castillo
• Farmer: Smallholder farms
• Quality: Supremo 17/18
• Taste: Cinnamon, caramel, citrus
• Process: Washed
• Roasted: By "Kalve Coffee" in Riga
• Roast: Omni-roast 
• Weight: 250g


• "Riga Original®" specialty coffee is a Zero-Waste ready product.
• 👉🏼 Come to our "Miesai" store on Gertrudes 121 to refill your can.
We will grind your beans at no extra cost.


• Worldwide delivery. 
• FREE shipping in Europe on orders over €50
• FREE pickup at our Miesai store on Gertrudes 121, Riga.


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