Iconic Design Mug — “MĪLA / DVESMA”


A minimalistic two-word design mug with a concise reminder of a worthwhile thought.

Every mug is printed with two different words on each side. The words are typed in the iconic Cirulis font, designed by a design studio Asketic and inspired by the signature lettering of Ansis Cirulis (1883-1942) — one of the first Eastern European designers from Latvia.

A tribute to our native Latvian language and its poetic sounding.

“People need to be reminded more often than they need to be instructed.” 
―C.S. Lewis 

• Material: Porcelain
• Minimalistic design (without a handle)
• Weight: 240g
• Dimensions: 82 x 85 mm 

• Worldwide delivery
• FREE pickup at Miesai store on Gertrudes 121, Riga..

*Request additional info for out-of-stock/pre-order status items by writing at hello@miesai.com / Facebook Messenger / +371-2000-8815