Graphic Print — "Bez Cīņas Nav Uzvaras" (White Edition)



Designed in 1917. Reimagined after 100 years.

The White/Gold ("Victory") edition of “Bez Cīņas Nav Uzvaras" graphic print captures a contemporary take on this hundred-year-old slogan. To emphasize the meaning of this truth as well as the victory perspective, this graphic uses golden foil letters.

This graphic is part of Miesai product series "Cirulis" – a quest for reimagining Baltic design after a century-long gap. Design letters are based on on the lettering drawn by Ansis Cirulis (1883-1942), one of the first true Eastern European designers/artists from Latvia. Read more.

• Gold Foil Print
• Warm White Munken Lynx Rough 150 g/m2 Design Paper
• 59 x 84 cm (23 x 33 inches) 

Worldwide delivery is available for unframed prints.
*Framed prints are ONLY available for free pickup at Miesai store.