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«Cīrulis» Latvian Design Heritage

Herewith the 131th birthday of Ansis Cirulis, we’ve begun an ambitious project. We are going to launch 12 pieces of graphic design based on the letter graphics of Ansis Cirulis. The authors will be well-known Latvian designers. Ansis Cirulis was one of the most influential Latvian graphic artists and designers. His handwriting, as one of a graphic artist, a painter, and a master of decorative art, not only strengthened the Latvian identity during the first interwar period, but also helped shape the idea of a national identity for generations to come. The artistic handwriting of Ansis Cirulis is gradually being converted into a font in collaboration with the Asketic design studio. So far, more than 900 people have subscribed to...
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Story of RIGA

Rīga is where we breathe, work and live our lives. This is a tribute to the city we love. Rīga belongs to all of us – it doesn’t matter whether we are in one of Rīga’s 58 neighbourhoods, in a back corner of Latvia or on the other side of the world. With our small contributions we create the Rīga of tomorrow.  
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Choose well, buy less

The cashmere of cotton – Supima All our MONO t-shirts are made using the finest quality sustainably produced Supima® cotton. Supima is 100% extra-long staple cotton grown exclusively in the American west and southwest. Yarns made from Supima cotton produce softer and longer-lasting fabrics that makes up an elite 1% of cotton produced each year worldwide. Local Craftsmanship, Global Mindset Our t-shirt starts its life in the Supima cotton fields in San Joaquin Valley, California. From there it arrives in the Swiss city of Winterthur, where the raw cotton is spun into yarn. Next it’s on to Vila Frescaínha in Portugal for textile production. Finally, the fabric arrives in Latvia. Here our design team get to work and factories around...
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Cirulis & Baltic Design Heritage

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