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Interior Object — "Flying Letter L"


The flying design letter is designed by a designer Pēteris Līdaka—an artist and self-defined traveler in space.

The design letter is part of Miesai project called Cirulis displaying historic handwriting in contemporary take. "Cirulis" typeface design is based on the lettering drawn by Ansis CIrulis (1883-1942), one of the first true Eastern European designers/artists from Latvia.

• The letters are milled from a massive ash wood and later carefully grinded and buffed by carpenters.
• Brass and steel parts are a fine work of metal artists.
• Every letter is individually handcrafted.
• Dimensions: 12 x 25 x 26 cm (4.7 x 9.8 x 10.2 inches)

*Available for free pickup at Miesai store.

linen-towels-dancing-letters-blue linen-towels-dancing-letters-white abc-book-maza-zemes-abece cirulis-abc-wrapping-paper white-garamond-wrapping-sheets blue-proxima-nova-wrapping-sheets black-baskerville-wrapping-sheets black-garamond-wrapping-sheets millions-of-cirulis-cirulis-4 dinner-with-cirulis-red-cirulis-3 dinner-with-cirulis-green-cirulis-3 dinner-with-cirulis-yellow-cirulis-3 dinner-with-cirulis-blue-cirulis-3