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Christmas Set — RIGA Original® Mug and Framed Riga Map

€125.00 €134.80

This is our RIGA Original® Everyday Mug.

An iconic design marking the city of Riga. Beloved by locals and guests from far and near, this mug holds a story (and your favourite drink) of the city we all hold dear.

• Material: Porcelain
• Comfortable design 
• Weight: 240g
• Dimensions: 82 x 85 mm

Riga Map is a tribute to our city Riga and its all 58 districts. For RĪGA Map #2 we have selected a new colour gamma.

Limited edition: 200 maps 
Print: Hand-crafted silk screen, 4 colours 
Dimensions: 69 x 99 cm (27 x 39 inches)

*Fragile Item - Free Pick-up at Miesai store (Ģertrūdes iela 121, Rīga, Latvia, LV-1009)

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