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Christmas Set — Grey RIGA Original® T-Shirt and Blue Tote Bag

€40.00 €49.80

We are proud to present our perfected RIGA Original® T-shirts that are exclusively designed and produced in our city Riga.

• 92% cotton, 8% polyester;
• Custom design cutting
• Light & thin fabric
• Size chart

Kids T-Shirts are specifically designed for kids Ages: 2-12 years.
2-4Y / 86-104 cm (34-41 inches)
5-6Y / 110–116 cm (43–46 inches)
7-8Y / 122-128 cm (48–50 inches)
9-12Y / 140-152 cm (53–59 inches)

The new RIGA Original® Tote Bag—redesigned for even more comfortable everyday use.

With both classic handles and a shoulder strap, the new RIGA Original® Tote Bag has one main compartment and one extra side-pocket for smaller items—keys, wallet or phone. 

The double layer durable fabric will keep the things inside dry in rainy days. Ideal one-bag solution for various seasons, occasions, and people. Designed to be shared and reused.

Print: Screen-print 
Material: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton 
Dimensions: 35 x 30 x 8.5 cm 
Made ir Riga, Latvia

Worldwide delivery

Limited Time Free shipping in Europe until December 31, 2017

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