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Unisex T-Shirt and 2x CD Duo Pack — MESA Bronze Heart (Charity Edition)

€43.40 €61.90

MESA x Miesai. FROM heart TO heart BY heart ON heart.

Every 5 EUR from each bronze MESA shirt goes for rehabilitation of kids with movement disorders at #mesarmesa campaign. 

MESA is a social music project seeking ways to inspire people to do great things for others as well as in themselves.


• 100% organic cotton
• custom design cutting
• a light, thin fabric
• treated with bioelements giving it a silky, fine finish
• Size chart


MESA I (2016)

  1. Labdien
  2. Nekas
  3. Prāta Rēbuss
  4. Deja Vu
  5. Laika Pēdas pied. IGO
  6. Restarts
  7. Pirms Interneta
  8. Atbilžu Varianti pied. Jumprava
  9. Statuss pied. Āķis
  10. Mūžīgais Dzinējs pied. Agnese Rakovska
  11. Gan Jau
  12. Mieram Tuvu
  13. Ardievas pied. Vestards Šimkus

MESA II (2017)

  1. Divas Pasaules
  2. Vēl Augstāk pied. R.Kaupers, Arstarulsmirus
  3. Mantra pied. I.Busulis
  4. Maskas
  5. No Malas
  6. Gana pied. Tautumeitas
  7. Vērtības
  8. Arlabunakti

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