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Unisex T-shirt — "Bez Cīņas Nav Uzvaras" (Moss Green)


The moss green edition of "Bez Cīņas Nav Uzvaras" ("No Victory Without Fight") T-shirt is our tribute to the 100th anniversary of our homeland Latvia. This country was founded in 1918 and was greatly fought for before and after its foundation. 

"Bez Cīņas Nav Uzvaras" is the universal truth that transcends language, culture and time. It was first put into words by a Latvian poet Rainis. Read more.

The design is inspired by Ansis Cīrulis, one of the first Latvian designers. He made one of the Latvian army flag used in the Freedom Battles (1917). One hundred years later, the design was revived by a graphic designer Edgars Zvirgzdiņš and design studio Asketic.

This T-shirt is made in Riga. The fabric is made of a sustainably grown 100% organic cotton. This is our initiative to cultivate and embrace an environmentally responsible lifestyle for the good of our cities, people, and nature.

• 100% organic cotton
• Silkscreen print
• Custom T-shirt cutting
• Natural sheen 
• Made in Riga
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• Worldwide delivery. 
• FREE shipping in Europe on orders over €50
• FREE pick-up at our Miesai store on Gertrudes 121, Riga.

Spread the word #BezCīņasNavUzvaras 

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