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Porcelain Plate — "Dinner With Cirulis" (Blue)


The Blue Porcelain Plate — one of four plates in the plate-set Dinner with Cirulis, designed by a graphic designer Madara Krievina, reveals the designer's playful signature style.

• Technique: Decal printing
• Material: White porcelain
• Decorative edge: GCold
• Color: Blue
• Dimensions: ⌀26cm

All the execution including silk-screened decals, decal transfer, and golden edge is a precise handwork.

Available for free pickup at Miesai store.

linen-towels-dancing-letters-blue linen-towels-dancing-letters-white abc-book-maza-zemes-abece cirulis-abc-wrapping-paper white-garamond-wrapping-sheets blue-proxima-nova-wrapping-sheets black-baskerville-wrapping-sheets black-garamond-wrapping-sheets millions-of-cirulis-cirulis-4 dinner-with-cirulis-red-cirulis-3 dinner-with-cirulis-green-cirulis-3 dinner-with-cirulis-yellow-cirulis-3